Fitness has never been more flexible to fit your lifestyle. Find the right program for you.

Online Performance Plans

Take your Healthy Fit app with you to your gym, home studio, living room or outside and fitness is now a part of your lifestyle.

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Healthy Fit delivers  effective and personalized fitness training with a direct line of communication to your trainer. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, wi-fi, and the desire to get moving!

Top 5 benefits of your Online Performance Plan

Maximum Flexibility.

Break free of rigid schedules, crowded gyms and inconvenient locations. Work out in YOUR preferred setting on YOUR schedule.


No more cookie cutter fitness programs. Your Online Performance Plan is fully created for YOU. Your fitness level, general health, age, gender, abilities, goals and schedule are all part of your program design.


You communicate directly with me as your trainer through the Healthy Fit app. We agree on a schedule, you give feedback about your workouts, I’m there to cheer you on and check in when you’ve been quiet for a while! You can’t just sneak in under the radar like you would with a home DVD workout.

Cost Effective.

You may really need the guidance of a certified trainer, but the $400-700 month price tag is not feasible for you long term. Your Online Performance Plan is an effective way to bridge that gap. You get the expertise and support you need, without paying for one-one sessions in person.


You will get excited when your new workouts are loaded on your app! You will not be in a rut doing the same machines, cardio, or home workout day after day. Your body needs variety to adapt and progress. Avoid the rut of repetition to stay engaged.

“Spots are limited in this personalized program. Please answer a few questions to see if we are a good fit for each other.”

“I'm an ICU nurse working twelve hour shifts so having the ability to do my training times at my convenience is awesome.  Ramona has set up workout plans for me to follow, fitting to what training tools I have at home and video back-ups for exercises I may not be familiar with. And I can do the online training as often as I want which makes the cost of my program very economical.

Thanks Ramona for my awesome exercise journey to keeping fit as I age!!”

Joan N, Crossfield AB

"I found the on-line fitness coaching a great way to get a quality workout done. With small children at home getting to a gym consistently is a huge obstacle, so being able to access a trainer and have all my exercises right on my phone was awesome. Ramona did a fantastic job tailoring a full body workout program that suited my needs and limitations. Thanks Ramona!”

--Holly V, Crossfield, AB

Are you a Canadian Resident?

If you need to lose weight to be healthy, you may be eligible for a financial incentive. Healthy Fit is now an accredited provider in a Canadian program for weight loss grants. Contact today to learn more.

Healthy Fit with Ramona, improving your health and wellness through natural health products, in studio sessions and online app based training.

In Studio Training

Located in the heart of Crossfield, AB, Healthy Fit delivers small group and one-one private training programs.

Healthy Fit, in studio training. Helping clients to achieve their fitness and weight-loss goals.

Since Healthy Fit opened its doors in Sept, 2017, it has served numerous men and women in their fitness goals. Enjoy a welcoming home studio with a variety of equipment to progress in your training.

Small groups including private businesses, co-ed mixed training and couples too! Limited spots for a more intimate setting and effective coaching for you.

Healthy fit with Ramona, Your potential is within your reach

One on One Personal Programs

Years ago, when I went to the gym, I didn't really have much direction. The weight room looked intimidating. So I joined group classes when I could, or jumped on the circuit or cardio machines. I didn't really progress or feel confident to train in a challenging way. If you’ve felt this way too I get it.  Maybe you’re really unsure about what it would be like to work with a fitness trainer. Perhaps you’ve actually hurt yourself, exercising the same way that others were. Or felt uncomfortable, like you should be able to do more. Or you’re afraid that you’re doing things wrong. Or you didn’t connect with a trainer that was a good fit for you.

Understand that when you make the decision to hire Healthy Fit as your trainer, your program is all about YOU.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to strength training. All of your goals and abilities will be considered.

You’ll feel comfortable, respected, coached, and challenged. You will progress and feel confident! Then you will be hooked.

Contact me here for current programs and availability.


In 2016 I had a health scare, and I was faced with the possibility of a cancer diagnosis. Thankfully it was a false alarm, but I realized I could no longer continue as I was. Inactive and overeating, neglecting my health completely. My attitude changed instantly. I had my three children to think about too.

I was able to lose 90 lbs on my own, just by being accountable with my food choices and exercising 30 minutes per day. After I while I needed something more. My resolve was starting to waver. I was dealing with a lot of change and stress in my personal life. Ramona was able to help me with a Nature’s Sunshine health program. I incorporated some products that helped me with stress, digestion, protein and nutrition. I began to feel so much better!

Now I want to feel stronger, more confident and change my shape after the large amount of weight I have lost. I had some loose skin to deal with and wanted to have more muscle tone. So I decided to hire Ramona as a fitness trainer for a strength training program. I have come so far in the last two months and my body is filling out with newly strengthened and toned muscles! I love the accountability and the coaching in my technique, which I of course never got from workout videos. When Ramona first asked me why I wanted to hire her as my trainer, I said I wanted to be stronger. In every way, and she has delivered!

Kirsti L.

"You are excellent at what you do. Very professional and knowledgeable.
With my injuries your workouts are perfect. I can strength train but not hurt myself, and I'm not a monkey pushing weights.
My balance is better,
I feel more athletic and lean without feeling scrawny.

So, thank you."

Tristram, Crossfield, AB

Tristram, a Healthy Fit fitness member, Crossfield, AB

"You are excellent at what you do. Very professional and knowledgeable.
With my injuries your workouts are perfect. I can strength train but not hurt myself, and I'm not a monkey pushing weights.
My balance is better,
I feel more athletic and lean without feeling scrawny.

So, thank you."

Tristram, Crossfield, AB

"Ramona is not just for the ladies, she's great for us guys too! She has taught me how to lift weights properly with correct technique and she has been careful not to let me over do my workouts. She especially gives careful consideration for my injuries, both old and new for my workout plans. In the past, whenever I would start working out on my own, inevitably I would hurt myself, sometimes quite badly. I was my own worst enemy. Thanks to Ramona's help, I'm in the best shape of my adult life!"

--Tyler. Crossfield, AB