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Healthy Fit with Ramona, your fitness and natural health products specialist

“I believe that anyone at any age can progress from where they are now to where they desire to be.”

My Story

I took an interest in fitness when I was 17 while playing sports and strength training in my high school gym. I really enjoyed the boost that it gave my confidence, plus the athletic physique! That time in my life planted a seed that remained until I came to a point as an adult that I felt compelled to take action.

When I was 30, I hit a wall with my health.

I was over 200lbs, I was stress eating, exhausted and not sleeping well. Simply put my body was burnt out. I started to learn more about eating for wellness, and how detrimental sugar was to my well-being. That sparked my turning point, and I chose to eat for nourishment and energy. Stress eating and massive sugar cravings were done. I lost the excess weight and learned how to listen to my body.

The second seed that was planted in my early years was my mother’s experience as a herbalist with Nature’s Sunshine. I was really proud of how her passion for helping others changed so many lives for the better. I always felt that would be a really cool business to be in. Inspiring others to care for their health and feel better than they ever thought possible.

When I became a mother, I took my family’s health more seriously. In 2009 I decided to start my own business, sowing the seed that was planted in my teens by my mother. I began to learn a lot more while teaching others about herbal nutritional products and a healthier lifestyle. I was able to help my son overcome food allergies and keep my children healthy through the school season.


The Next Step

I was learning to apply nutrition, fitness and holistic health support into my own life and saw the benefits! In 2014 I acted on that little seed planted in high school and started my AFLCA fitness certification process. When I stepped up my fitness training regimen, combined with nutrition and healthy lifestyle the results were lasting and I felt unstoppable. I was now becoming stronger, more fit, and happier with my body in my forties than I was in my twenties!


I would say my favorite exercise is the squat, because I like how I can challenge myself and how strong I can feel in this exercise.

My Favorite Thing About Fitness

Getting stronger.

I respect my body more and value what it is capable of. I love how I can enhance the aesthetics of my body by lifting weights and eating right. I’m now in the best shape of my life and have been able to avoid a lot of the signs of aging that would be expected in my forties. With fitness I have gained the strength and confidence to believe in myself and follow my dreams of a fulfilling career in health and wellness.


My biggest personal achievement has been to stay youthful and have vitality for the many demands of life.


I enjoy cooking and baking with my family. I love meaningful conversations with supportive friends over coffee. I enjoy reading self-improvement books and spending time outdoors with my family. If I have the opportunity to go somewhere warm and sunny near the beach, I’m there!


My bucket list for the future would include taking singing lessons and participating in a fitness competition in my fifties! I actually enjoy public speaking and hope to do more of it at some point.

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You've heard it all. You've tried it all. You've hit walls and plateaus. And you're fed up with it all.
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I've been hearing this story for the last 8 years and in the last 2 years I've really made it my mission to show men and women in their 40's and older that vitality at any age is possible and it's my passion! Since becoming a Fitness Trainer I've been able to to further my passion and reach to support and STOP that never ending cycle of quick fixes and steady decline.